Welcome to ETD Consulting

ETD Consulting is an established small business enterprise that delivers quality human and organisational development products and services to clients. We established our company in Port Elizabeth in 2001 and operate in the whole of South Africa specialising in:

We are a Level 4 Broad Based BEE Contributor in terms of the BEE Codes.


We have service level agreements with leading service providers across South Africa

COMPANY LEGAL & PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION : ALFWAG CONSULTING CC t/a ETD Consulting | COMPANY REGISTRATION NUMBER: 2009/100717/23 | VAT NO: 4260253788 | PAYE NO: 7390773697 | UIF NO: U390773697 | COID NO: 2269-320-2300 | TAX CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE NO: 0007/2/2015/0006800458 | BOOKKEEPER: WEBSTERS ACCOUNTING SERVICES | AUDITORS: PE Accounting Solutions | PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION | Registered Chartered HR Practitioner with the SABPP - Reg. Number: 5692 | Member of APPETD – Member no: 959 | Registered Assessor with ETDP SETA - Assessor Number: AWAG7830 | Registered Assessor/Moderator/Verifier with SABPP - Reg. Number: 63904B0195692 |